Historical Re-enacting

Illustration based on a photo by Rob Roy

Historical re-enacting, or living history, is a hobby enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. Often, though not always, recreating the life of the soldier, re-enactors can be found portraying everyone from the jousting knight right up to the combatants of the second world war.

Many of today's re-enactors are attracted to the hobby through an interest in history and find challenge and reward in the extensive research required to accurately reproduce life in their 'period.' The members of DeLancey's strive to ensure that their impression of the life of a 1783 Loyalist is as accurate a portrayal as possible. Clothing and equipment is constructed using authenticated patterns, in fabrics and materials as close to those used in the 18th century as can be found.

The members of the DeLancey Re-enactors' Association are primarily involved in recreating the period of the American Revolution (1775-1783) but also participate in French & Indian War (circa 1745) events from time to time.

The DeLancey's portrayal includes reproduced period clothing, weapons, accoutrements, camp and cooking gear, meals and military practices. Re-enacting is very much a family hobby and DeLancey's are proud that their membership includes men, women and children, allowing the group to demonstrate the full breadth of life in and around the 18th century military encampment.


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